Leggsington Q&A: with Bell & Fox Founder Sarah Edwards

We’re huge fans of Bell & Fox over at Leggsington HQ - and know you are too! So we spoke to B&F Founder Sarah, about what inspired her line, her favourite pieces from the collection and her advice to other budding entrepreneurs.

Ashley James Blogger Style Bell & Fox

What inspired you to start an accessories line?
I completed a degree in Footwear and Accessories Design, and have been working as a designer for other brands for the last 25 years.  In 2015, I had a ‘now or never’ moment, and decided to launch my own brand.

How did you come up with the name Bell & Fox?
As a child, I always had bells on my toys, and later on all of my bags, so when I decided to launch my own brand, I knew there had to be a bell!  When I was thinking about a brand name, my mum reminded me of my first toy, which was a cuddly fox which had a bell on a red ribbon – then Bell & Fox was born!
Ashley James Bell Fox
What do you think makes Bell & Fox unique?
Drawing on my years of experience designing for other brands, I knew I wanted to make bags that were incredible quality and great value for money.  I wanted to create a range of bags and accessories that could be worn with any outfit; easy, relaxed styling.  Clean lines and great quality combined with easy functionality are what define Bell & Fox – what hopefully makes Bell & Fox unique is the ability to bring all of these together.
Where are Bell & Fox bags made?
We use full grain leathers that are all a bi-product of the food industry, and make in the same factory in China that produce Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, WANT les essentials de la vie etc – it’s a factory I have worked with for many years for other brands, and their quality is fantastic.
Bell fox
How genius is the Fox bag! What inspired it’s unique design?
Thank you – I still use the very first sample from 2 years ago every day! I wanted to use the fox shape, but in a practical way, and be able to use as a crossbody and a clutch.  It was one of those designs that worked on the first samples, and has been our best seller since we launched.
We know it’s hard, but if you had to choose just one piece from your range, what would it be?
It has to be the Fox Bag as I use mine every day…although our new leopard print ‘pony’ styles for SS17 are already becoming a favourite!
Bell and Fox Fox Bag
What can we expect for the coming SS17 season?
The new leopard print ‘pony’ leathers are amazing!
Which item in your wardrobe can’t you live without?
Other than a good bag, it would have to be my vintage tuxe jacket – it goes with everything.
What’s the one type of bag everyone should own?
One that works for your lifestyle, and one that makes you smile when you wear it.
What inspires your style?
I love the combination of vintage pieces – I have a huge collection of clothing and accessories – and new, minimal styling.
Bell and Fox Blogger Style
What do you think makes English style unique?
We aren’t afraid to break the rules and celebrate our individuality.
What advice would you give to young women looking to start up their own business?
Spend time researching your market, your design, your manufacturing base, then go for it – don’t live with the regret of never trying!
What are your goals for 2017?
To continue to develop Bell & Fox – even after almost 2 years, I feel like I am only just beginning!
Shop the Bell & Fox collection here.

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